Saturday, March 24, 2007

Real Moms are Handy.

I'm not by nature a handy person. But if you're a home owner....then you either have to become handy or pay someone to be. So I'm becoming handy.'s one of my hands a few weeks ago. Isn't it nice?

Now I'm putting the hands to work. Today we decided to get some work done. We were out of drywall mud so we started outside. I had Chris help me bolt a piece of wood to our brick house (luckily, we already had some holes there, so we just used those!)

Here's hubby doing his part:

And here's my gate:

Next, I planted some summer bulbs and seeds...which may or may not grow. I have bad luck growing things...but I desperately want to. I'm sticking with easy stuff. Bulbs will come back year after year, so I really only have to deal with them once...and I'm told that with these seeds (Nasturtium) all you have to do is throw them on the ground and they will grow. I'll let you know how that turns out!

Then....I made a new, dangerous friend.

Isn't it great? It's a Razorback.....and claims to be a "tool with an attitude". Even my tools have attitude! (Okay, it's not really mine. It belongs to my father in law. He was nice enough...or crazy let me borrow it for an afternoon).

We decided chop out the remnants of a boxwood that was left from last summer. I have a serious dislike for boxwoods and I had planned to clip most of them away last year, then dig up the rest and get rid of them. The digging did NOT work. So all summer and winter I was left with some nasty looking stray branches with a big hole in the middle.

This afternoon I took a big ax, stood in front of my house (wearing yoga pants and a mickey mouse tee no less) and chopped out the remnants of a bush. Bush be gone baby!

Next week, this bad boy is coming down!

But...look what happens to your pretty hands when you become handy..filthy and bloody. Eww.

I have no other bloggers to tag with this "Real Moms" meme, instead I'm just going to mention two other real moms I know in real life.

My good friend Heather is a real mom in action every day! Whenever I have a question, I call her for an answer. She's way more handy than I'll ever be and looks great covered in soot and other stuff that used to be in the walls (because when yo tear them down, that stuff comes out. And she does it all with three kids in tow. And my own mom....who is the inventor of innovation and I love having her visit because then I don't have to ask a man for help!

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Mom said...

I can see a nice pair of work gloves in your Easter basket to protect the hands. Great job on the bush! May I also recommend a very hot shower for the aches and pains spring causes.


Wendy said...

That first picture scared me. I thought you were going to say that hands are for smacking. Just where your hand is and where your daughter's face is, scares me.

Good job, on the repairs.

Rebecca said...

Oh my no! Unfortunately, that's the only picture I have of my hands...pre destruction! It was for a "Show off your wedding ring" thread on the BBC bargain board...and Celia is a real ham. If you break out a camera near her, she is in the shot!

I do have a REALLY nice picture of my hands (and Chris's) from our wedding day....but I couldn't get it to scan well. So I settled for this one.

jedi jawa said...

You know, you could totally redo the text of that post and come up with something far more sinister. If you'll tolerate my warped jedi humor for a minute:

The "tough love" method of child discipline can be seen here starting with an action shot as we are about to slap the child senseless. If this does not work you can resort to threatening to cut off limbs with the rotary saw. To escalate the discipline you can build a kiddy stockade behind your house for some good solitary confinement "in the hole". If these methods don't work you will have to break out "old faithful" and use it to make the body easier to hide in your flower bed. Be sure to plant a tree in the flowerbed as decaying corpse makes for good fertilizer and that tree will grow in no time and cover your evidence. Lastly, don't forget to wash the blood off your hands as it is a dead giveaway when the police arrive to question you.

What do you think rebecca?